About us

Roddy, the founder of the wilwolfer brand,is the father of a 1-year-old cute girl.While the busy working,he also pay great attention to the healthy lifestyle of modesociety.As a child’s father Roddy has repeatedly emphasized the safety of the products. He and his design team have been committed to providing safe products to bring joy and happiness to children and family, bring health and convenience to the lives of modern people. Safety, health, joy, and intelligence-building are the aims pursued by Wilwolfer.

There are three series of our products, children’s tents, outdoor beach tents and pet tents. Wilwolfer have their own factory, which provides guarantee for high quality under the strict product control . We adhere to come the concept of safety first.The selection of material are all eco-friendly which meet EU environmental standards. You can rest assured to buy.